Olive Oil

Extravirgin Olive Oil

The new Protagonist of Cosmetics

The eroic olive oil tree and the oil extract from its Fruits has accompanied the history of humanity.

Archealogical testimonies demonstrate that’s 8000 Years ago the Olive tree was grown in the Middle East. It was the Phoenicians who spread the growth of this kind of tree along the Mediterranenan coast. From the beginning, the olive Tree and its fruits, has been present in the everyday life. The Greeks and Romans didn’t only use it to season food, but also for massages and cosmetics.

Not to lose this wealth this new cosmetic line has been created: because only the extra virgin olive oil completely maintains all the beneficial virtues of the Oil (mono-insaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, beta-carotene, vitamin E, polyphenols.) this precious ingredient carries the rich Substances to the heart of cosmetics.

The final product acquires in this way the fundamental elements capable of enhancing the beauty of the skin, transforming the cure of the body into a moment of intense well-being and regeneration.

Shower Gel


Shower gel 250 ml

A sparkling  and fresh pause  thats revitalizes and sweetens the skin that most needs softening. The emollient Extravirgin Olive Oi, united with the protective properties of ivy and the re-generating virtues of Grapefruit, makes this product more compatible to the skin. Thanks to this beneficial virtues, its freshness and sweetness will accompany you all days

Nourishing Body


Nourishing body 250 ml

Pleasant and delicate emulsion, studied to nourish and moisturize the skin. Enriched with moisturizer and protective substance like  Shea Butter, Sweet Almonds Oil and Extra virgin Olive Oil, with which the skin finds itself onve again more soft, elastic and velvety. With a simple action give yourself a moment of relaxation to move away from frenzy and tension.



strengthening 250 ml

Exceptionally rich treatment full of rich active substance like extravirgin olive oil, a natural restructuring like avocado, with the strengthening proprieties of kigelia it creates the ideal treatment for adequately improving the tone of the tissue. For all the women who want to demonstrate the best of their womanliness.

Moisturizing Face Cream


Moisturizing face cream 50 ml
Synergetic lifting treatment, it carries out a moisturizing, nutritious and regenerating action improving the elasticity of the eyes contour and décolleté. Carefully formulated, with a soft texture, it’s enriched by Extravirgin Olive Oil, sweetening Florentine Iris and anti-oxidant White Tea.

Antiwrinkle Face Cream


Antiwrinkle face cream 50 ml

A cream with an extra rich texture uniting the best that natural cosmetics has to offer to fight the signs of advancing age. It contains anti-oxidant extravirgin olive oil, anti-age hops extract and the extract of black mulberry rich in flavonoids. Every time you wake up your skin will have a fresher, smoother and brighter look.

Tonus Serum


Tonus serum 50 ml

A cream formulated for demanding women; with a single gesture it is capable of protecting, quenching, moisturizing the skin thanks to the synergy of natural elements like Extravirgin Olive Oil, Oats and Lotus flower. To re-discover the pleasure of a smooth and velvety skin.

Face Tonic


Face tonic 250 ml

The pleasure of a tonic capable of giving the skin back its natural equilibrium. Enriched from extravirgin olive oil rich in mineral salts, ideal for toning, and due to the presence of distilled hamamelis and orange blossom water, it carries out a regenerating action. To transform a daily action into refined moments of well-being.

Cleansing Milk


Cleansing Milk  250 ml

Deterging treatment of a non greasy consistance, capable of removing make-up efficiently, but delicately, thanks to the formula is enriched with bamboo extract and extravirgin olive oil with emollient proprieties. Advised to people who love to keep their skin vital, radiant and toned

The philosophy
BellaBellissima is an Italian brand born to promote Italian style and tradition, at home and abroad, through the creation of original cosmetic and beauty lines based on active ingredients extracted from natural sources which have marked Italian economy, life-style and tradition in the corse of the years. Italy has been the cradle of the arts and the crafts, the beauty and richness of its nature have inspired the creativity of the natives and the foreigners and are still appreciated all around the world. The immense potentiality of the nature, of the plants and mineral kingdoms have stimulated our research and led to the creation of BellaBellissima Collection.