Hair Mask


Hair mask 150 ml

Texturizing cream that’s contains vitamins and other natural ingredients like Mango and Birch to create and maintain healthy, strong and shiny hair. It moisturizes and aids in keratin repair. The hair is left detangled, strong and silky, with a long-lasting.
Use: apply after the shampooing. Leave in for 3 minutes. Ringe in case of contact with eyes.

The philosophy
BellaBellissima is an Italian brand born to promote Italian style and tradition, at home and abroad, through the creation of original cosmetic and beauty lines based on active ingredients extracted from natural sources which have marked Italian economy, life-style and tradition in the corse of the years. Italy has been the cradle of the arts and the crafts, the beauty and richness of its nature have inspired the creativity of the natives and the foreigners and are still appreciated all around the world. The immense potentiality of the nature, of the plants and mineral kingdoms have stimulated our research and led to the creation of BellaBellissima Collection.